Metamorphosis: A Portrait of A Solitary Woman
Photographic Print on Archival Paper
50 x 25 cm

I acknowledge my failure

     to release

          emotions that betray

               like the waves of

the ocean.

Metamorphosis (A Portrait of A Solitary Woman) is a series of diptychs pieced together to illustrate the different planes of existence I occupy and levels of isolation I endured during this pandemic period. While the world is limited in its movement and our physical bodies are confined within the boundaries set by rules and distance, the mind has a limitless power to conjure imageries that can make up for lost experiences and senses brought about by this unfortunate event.

Nature provokes a strong sense of connection with the self. Each individual has different coping mechanisms to maintain her or his rationality to keep up with today’s changing world. I am able to hold my own sense of self amidst isolation and unwanted emotions by creating visual metaphors while at the same time collecting visual documentations of real world experiences of myself and other people in order to connect and create a balance between my dreams and reality.

I am metamorphosing and going through a slight agony of maturing in a place I don’t belong and longing for familial and organic connections that are distant at the moment.


Metamorphosis was part of  The Great Lockdown Exhibition at the Bin Matar House in Bahrain from 18 October 2020 - 10 February 2021.

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